Roman Legionary Rings

Roman legionary rings were worn by professional soldiers of Rome who were called a legionary. To wear a ring of this sort meant that a citizen younger than the age of 45 underwent rigorous training and when marching routinely wore full armour, helmet, shield, carried two javelins, a sword, dagger, heavy sandals, and a marching pack containing several days worth of life sustaining items including food and water.

A Roman who was qualified to wear a legionary ring was a citizen that signed up to be in a "legion" for a term of twenty five years. This amount of time showed a great amount of dedication and discipline. Among the soldiers who fought with the legionary title was included another group called immunes whose jobs could range from being a carpenters, medics, or engineers. Immunes were also able to wear Roman legionary rings because they were also considered legionaries.

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