Roman Rings

Roman rings were worn as a status symbol to show wealth or societal ranking as well as to honor gods and beliefs back in the days of the Roman Empire just as some people wear rings today.  There were a variety of people who wanted to convey their place in Roman society such as leaders, soldiers, or even lower class citizens called plebians.

Ancient Roman Ring

Ancient Roman Rings

Several types found from the Roman Empire dating as far back as the beginning of the empire itself which could potentially be from 27 BC up to around 476 AD. Today, wearing a ring from ancient Rome could be considered a status symbol just as it was in those days, which is one of a variety of reasons most people adorned them.

Roman Legionary Rings

Roman legionary rings were worn by soldiers of Rome who were called a legionary. To wear a ring of this sort meant that a citizen underwent rigorous training and on march routinely wore full armour, helmet, shield, carried two javelins, a sword, dagger, heavy sandals, and a marching pack containing several days worth of life sustaining items including food and water.

Roman Legionary Ring

The Romans wore rings of different styles and types, and some of them even had a purpose such as signing important documents with the Roman seal. One popular technique in ancient Roman rings was a technique called intaglio which meant that the design on the ring was carved on the inverse to leave a raised surface on the material that the ring stamped.

Antique Roman rings could contain stones of different colors or patterns such as animals or religious patterns like a cross.  The Romans made their rings from gold, silver, bronze, copper, and even glass.